Burden Bearers Bible Institute


School of Prayer and Deliverance


Motto: Raising sons for God's kingdom

# 6. BBM Close, off km 1.5 Igbo-Etche Road
opposite Enerco Nigeria Ltd, Port Harcourt, Nigeria


The Burden Bearers Bible Institute a.k.a.

(School of Prayer and Deliverance)

offers admission into her CERTIFICATE PROGRAM in

Prayer and Deliverance.

This program is for believers who have burden to:

  • Deliver humanity from the bondage of Satan at all levels.
  • Restore the Church to the Prophetic and Apostolic foundation of righteousness and holiness.
  • Genuine Pentecostal revival and a return to the old paths.
  • Conquer our families, communities, cities, nations, the African continent and the world at large for Jesus Christ.
  • See God’s glory manifest upon the earth, by the demonstration of his power, etc.

This program is for believers who have burden to:


  1. Spiritual Foundation
  2. Studies on Deliverance 1
  3. Studies on Deliverance 2
  4. Studies on Deliverance 3
  5. Studies on Spiritual Strongholds
  6. Studies on Prayers
  7. God’s word in Deliverance
  8. Christian Lifestyle
  9. English Language etc.

There are also Elective Courses at the demand of the students.


-Four months lectures take place on

Weekends and Public Holidays

Apost. Innocent Onyeogaziri Henry, JP

(Rector) 08033388933

Evang. Dorathy Ejiogu

(Registrar) 08037416604